What we do

We are a Managed service provider. A managed service provider (MSP) is a professional IT partner that proactively oversees and maintains an organization's technology infrastructure, ensuring its reliability, security, and efficiency. We offer a range of services, from managing software updates to providing cybersecurity solutions, to enable businesses to focus on their core operations while enjoying seamless, worry-free IT support.


Surveillance Systems

We install only cutting-edge American-engineered on-premise surveillance systems which represent the pinnacle of available surveillance technology. Meticulously designed to provide protection, this system combines state-of-the-art hardware and advanced software to ensure a comprehensive and reliable surveillance solution. With high-definition cameras strategically positioned for optimal coverage, real-time monitoring capabilities, and intelligent motion detection, our system offers businesses and individuals the peace of mind they deserve. Each installation is tailored by a team of trained expert engineers, so your surveillance system can precisely utilise the powerful AI and machine learning on your site to protect what matters most to you and yours, and on premise means no cloud fees, or monthly charges. Our cameras are all wired to defend against WiFi deauth attacks, and can be tied to back up power to ensure no camera blackouts.

Office Support

We offer a retainer for office IT support that can include private Phone exchange, Cloud, Email, and even in house AI. We can integrate and support any public SaaS product on your behalf.

Business Phones

We offer a comprehensive range of business phone solutions tailored to empower organisations with efficient and dependable communication options. Their portfolio encompasses cutting-edge smartphones with advanced features customised to suit the needs of contemporary businesses, including seamless integration with productivity apps, robust security features, and excellent call quality. Moreover, Excelsior Wireless provides flexible plans and scalable solutions, making it effortless for businesses of all sizes to discover the perfect match for their communication requirements. With Excelsior Wireless, businesses can remain connected, collaborate seamlessly, and boost productivity, all underpinned by outstanding customer support and service reliability.

Business Software Phones and SMS

A softphone for business serves as a software-based telephony solution, allowing employees to make and receive calls using their computers or mobile devices over the internet. It enhances communication efficiency and flexibility while often integrating with other business applications to streamline workflow and collaboration. SMS for business, or business text messaging, facilitates quick and direct communication with customers, clients, and partners using your main line, or sub-lines, or a mix of the two. It offers a professional, convenient, and efficient way to send important updates, notifications, promotions, and engage in real-time conversations, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication processes.

Point to Point networks

We provide American-engineered point-to-point networks that stand as a beacon of connectivity, spanning vast distances of up to 7 miles. Our team's powerful suite of tools and years of military and civilian engineering experience, matched with nationally trainied corporate installers, use tools that are unmatched in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties to get the job done right. We use only cutting-edge HF technology paired with bespoke engineering, to harness the power of line-of-sight communication ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in challenging terrain and weather. Whether it's bridging remote locations or establishing secure communication channels, our point-to-point network redefines the possibilities of long-range networking, embodying the spirit of innovation that drives American engineering.

Complete Self Service Church Check-In stations

Our self service Check In Terminals are the complete solution for Churches looking to streamline their check-in process. Our terminals are easy to use, fast, and reliable. We offer on-site consultation services to help you design the correct system for your Church and are a Samsung partner to get you the right equipment at the lowest possible costs.

Bespoke Engineering

The Excelsior team's powerful suite of tools and years of military and civilian engineering experience allows us to manage your project completely while ensuring a cost effective solution for your organisation.
  • Private and Public Cloud solutions
  • Private and Public Mail or Exchange
  • Surveillance
  • Campus Networking
  • Softphones, Phones, and PBX